$40k Flips Coaching Class #3 – Get All the Capital You Can Handle Part 2 – Self Directed IRAs and Tax Free Funding – February 2016 – MP3 Download


• 3 simple steps to creating your own private bank and raise unlimited funds.

• How to present your real estate investment to an investor and get them to FUND it

• 4 “Must Have” corporate disclosure documents to protect your investment and your business from the “unknown”

• 12 Prohibited IRA transactions you and your investors must avoid

• The decline in the stock market and how most investors are WOWED by the fact they can direct IRA funds this way and make larger returns

• How easy SDIRA’s are to use and invest with

• Access to more capital (currently over 7.3 trillion is IRAs!)

• How to get your own FREE strategy session with SREC’s SDIRA distributor of choice, the iPlan Group

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